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A clever production

The Boston Globe has already featured "A Day in the Life," a program that I had the privilege of Senior Producing in a full page article by Gearald Peary. Today, we are delighted to see yet another mention of the program in a review. The documentary, which will air on WGBH this evening, follows a Boston city school for 24 hours. The school, Jeremiah E. Burke in Dorchester had lost its accreditation in 1995.

I had the pleasure to work with Noland Walker, Nancy Porter, Eric Stange, Ted Bogosian, and Caroline Toth on the project. But the cherry on top of this talented group was Jean Dunoyer, who made all our footage work seamlessly in one coherent story. Here's what the Globe has to say today

"'A Day in the Life' is a clever production that takes a sobering look at the challenges faced in public schools today. It avoids stereotypes by showing a range of student abilities. And it offers hope in the form of supportive teachers, involved parents, and starry-eyed students with dreams."

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