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Having recently ended an enriching academic year at the MIT Media Lab, I'm happy to announce the re-launch of the Carousel Films & Communications web site today.

At Carousel, we are currently serving as story consultant on the film "Scars of Silence," about the transformation of a U.S. photographer from American dad to Armenian activist. We plan to have other projects to discuss soon as well.

During the work to re-launch our site, I uncovered this picture of our Los Angeles crew gathering on the stage at Balboa State Park in San Diego at sunrise to film for our American Experience program "Sister Aimee." (Con't.)

The subject of our documentary had held Pentecostal healing revivals in the 1920s at this very location. To prepare for our shoot there, we were traveling from a nearby hotel to the park at around 4 am, and miles away, we could hear an out-of-ordinary-sound for this particular time of day: The curators of Balboa State Park wanted to welcome the crew in style, so they arranged to have someone play their outdoor pipe organ, one of the world's largest--and loudest.

Every day I go on location, shape films, create branding campaigns, and oversee productions, I feel privileged to pursue my passion, which is story-telling. I'm reminded of the title to a book of essays by Joan Didion: "We Tell Stories In Order to Live." Indeed.

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