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Produce, Write, Direct Films
Story Consultation
Organize Events, Produce Branding Campaigns

We make documentary films, overseeing everything from start to finish.  We research the content, cast the participants, hire the crews, direct the shoots, write the scripts, and direct the editing and post production.   Project highlights include The Truth About Cancer, Secret of the Wild Child, and Sister Aimee--all for PBS.

Give us your stalled project, and we'll get it moving.  We are story doctors and consulting producers who have helped numerous struggling filmmakers find their voice, shape the arc of their films, and finish shooting.  Project highlights include Rebel and Animas Perdidas (Lost Souls). 

Let us apply our story-telling skills to your branding campaigns and events.  Yes, even events have stories to tell.  And yes, we can tell a story in a 120-character Tweet.  We produce social media campaigns, web sites, marketing videos, and various types of functions, such as fund-raisers, academic conferences, and more.

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