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Documenting Documentary Makers

While 6 crews and I were documenting "A Day in the Life" of the Jeremiah Burke in Boston, a high school struggling to win back accreditation, we ourselves were being watched by film critic Gerald Peary for a wonderfully written full-page article in The Boston Globe. Peary was a fly-on-the-wall from conception of the idea through the editing process to the final cut of the program.

"A videotape arrives in the mail. It's the real fine cut," Peary reports in the March 31, 2002 Boston Sunday Globe. "Everything works. This TV documentary has found its characters and stories, its rhythm and shape, and fine balance between the pessimism of MCAS testing and the optimism of a Jeremiah E. Burke High School moving valiantly upward.

"WGBH's 'A Day in the Life' has a life."

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