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At Carousel Films & Communications, we believe in the power of story-telling.  We believe good stories can

change minds, sell products, and alter the course of nations.  But they need to be well-told stories,

and that's where we come in.  Here are the services we provide:


  • We are acclaimed documentary filmmakers, who can produce, write, and direct films for theatrical release or television broadcast.    We do everything, soup to nuts.  Project highlights include Secret of the Wild Child, a well-known episode of NOVA, the popular PBS science series, and The Truth About Cancer, a personal film chronicling the producer's experience when her husband was diagnosed and died from cancer.    


  • Give us your floundering project, and we'll help you find your voice and turn things around.  We are story doctors.  We have taken several worthy documentary projects that were not going to live beyond the edit room, and we helped the filmmakers craft their stories and secure television broadcast and festival showings.  Project highlights include Animas Perdidas and Rebel.


  • Let us tell the story of your institution.  We produce branding campaigns.  Project highlights include a video for PTC Therapeutics that helped win FDA approval for a new drug, the Genzyme 25 anniversary reel, and Boston Healthcare for the Homeless.  We are experienced web site and social media producers, who specialize in finding the story your company needs to tell.  Yes, we can tell a story in 120 characters.  Finally, we are also successful event producers, who make story-telling a key ingredient in every event.  Project highlights include Scratch Day, an international celebration of the MIT computer-coding language.




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